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These are the exciting true stories of immigrant Asian Americans and their success stories, which began when they arrived in the USA with a dream in their pockets. From their humble upbringings in various parts of Asia, to the brave journeys they undertook to reach the USA and to the uphill battles they faced when settling in the US to making their dreams realities, their extraordinary lives are covered in fascinating detail.

Takao Kawamura – Producer / Director

Takao is a producer, recording artist and entrepreneur. He was born in Fukuoka, and grew up in Kumamoto, Japan. He started his music career at the age of 15, received public recognition such as awards from music festivals, CD release, magazine articles, and radio stations as the vocalist of a band. In 2009, he relocated to Los Angeles, California to pursue his career further while going to English school. Soon, he met music producers such as Clarence Jey, Chico Benette, and Jovette Rivera and went out the first US tour with his Ep promotional singles. During the tour, he became a brand ambassador for non-profit organization, United Student Athletics, and also for Rizumu clothing line. Right after finishing the tour, he launched his TV show. The show started receiving the invites from Magic, E3, CES and Comic Con as VIP press to promote their events. He started collaborating with celebrities and organization through his show such as Stan Lee, Boys II Men, Babyface, Mario Lopez, Marty Kudelka (Justin Timberlake’s chreographer), Gloria Starr (United Nation), Dorothy Wang, Ed Johnson (Rich Kids of Beverly Hills), Kelly Osborne as well as featured with awards ceremony such as Grammy award, People’s choice, Billboard, and Golden Globe by representing over thousands of companies as their brand ambassadors. Soon, this show was picked by CW Las Vegas and aired weekly. Additionally, he featured on magazines such as LA times, Beverly Hills magazine, Extra Extra, and the cover on Magic Image. Finally, he joined in the motion picture soundtrack for Days of Wrath and What About Love.

Clarence Jey – Producer / Director

Clarence multi-instrumentalist, composer and songwriter of Sri Lankan heritage who has had music chart on the US Billboard Hot 100, a Grammy-winning record and worked on various award-winning US television shows including an Emmy-nominated show. Jey spent some of his childhood in Australia, performing with local bands and composing and producing music at his studio in Melbourne where he wrote and produced the theme song and additional music for the 2007 US Emmy-nominated Discovery Kids animation television show, Growing Up Creepie. This led to his relocation to Los Angeles, California.[4] He has since composed music for television shows including Common Law, America’s Got Talent, Randy Jackson Presents America’s Best Dance Crew and The Newsroom. Jey’s music has been used on commercials including the US retailer, Kohls and Vodafone. In 2011, Jey was instrumental in one of the largest internet viral sensations in history, “Friday”, by Rebecca Black, which had over 200 million YouTube hits. He co-wrote and produced/engineered the controversial song, which reached the US Billboard Hot 100 and iTunes Top 20 in March 2011, which was referred to as “genius” by the music executive, Simon Cowell. “Friday” was covered by the cast of Fox network’s show Glee, that resulted in their version of “Friday” entering the Hot 100[13] as well as the iTunes Top 10. In 2013, the US Late Night host Jimmy Fallon’s Grammy-winning second album, Blow Your Pants Off, included “Friday”, as performed by Fallon and Stephen Colbert.

Jey has also worked in film. In 2014, he produced and composed songs, and was music supervisor for the martial arts actor Jean-Claude Van Damme film, Full Love, which premiered at the Shanghai International Film Festival. Jey worked with the US reality show, Famous in 12 produced by Harvey Levin of TMZ on The CW network, where he was invited to assist the up-and-coming artist to find her dream. In 2015, Clarence Jey produced music for Grammy winning R’nB Group, All-4-One’s record, “Twenty+”, which was released in July, 2015. In 2016, Clarence Jey composed music and wrote lyrics for the musical theater show “Jambalaya The Musical”, along with his production partner, Jeff Barry, American songwriter and the winner of Ahmet Ertegün Award from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Clarence Jey was involved in part of the music in the Hallmark Channel movie titled “My Christmas Love”, as well as Australian TV comedy series Please Like Me. In 2018, Jey achieved additional U.S Billboard Charts success with a song titled “Wasted” on New Zealand Roots Reggae Band Katchafire’s Album ‘Legacy’, which debuted at Number 3. On National French Fry Day 2018, YouTube sensation Miranda Sings in collaboration with Dunkin Donuts, released an adapted version of Jey’s hit song, Friday, as part of the Dunkin Donut Fries[38] marketing strategy. In July 2018, Roger McGuinn, the lead singer of one the most influential bands in American history, The Byrds, recorded and released his cover of Jey’s classic song ‘Friday’ on his first studio album in 14 years, ‘Sweet Memories’, which also featured some of The Byrds’ greatest hits, Mr. Tambourine Man and Turn! Turn! Turn!.


Derek Martyn – Emmy Award winning production chief director